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After a rough couple of weeks, in week 16 I picked 9 games correct and lost sixto give me a record of 47-39 since I began this blog Week 10. With two weeks to go, things are getting pretty tough to call!

Week 16

 (-3.-5) Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions

Pick Atlanta against the spread in this one. I liked the 4-10 Detroit Lions this season, but after last week’s loss against the Arizona Cardinals I just don’t see them beating the 12-2 Atlanta Falcons, the NFL’s top team through 14 games, this week. I hope I’m wrong with this pick, since I am playing Falcons QB Matt Ryan in a Fantasy Football Final, but there’s got to be a lot going on behind the scenes in Detroit right now, and after last season’s success, I can’t see them fighting hard in these last two games of the season.

(-8.5) Carolina Panthers v. Oakland Raiders

The (5-9) Carolina Panthers are a very good football team, even though they are 4 games under .500. Since week 9 they are 4-3, after going (1-6) through the first 8 weeks, with a week 7 Bye. This week they are playing host to the (4-10) Oakland Raiders, who are absolutely horrible. Pick the Panthers to beat the (-8.5) spread, because they are a far better team.

Buffalo Bills @ (-4.5) Miami Dolphins

That’s right, I’m picking the 5-9 Buffalo Bills venture down to South Beach and beat the 6-8 Miami Dolphins. Yes, I may be crazy.

(-4) Pittsburgh Steelers v. Cincinnati Bengals

This game features the 7-7 Pittsburgh Steelers at home to the division rival, 8-6 Cincinnati Bengals. I’m picking the Steelers to cover the spread in this one because they are at home, and until Cincinnati beats them on the road in late December, I just can’t go against the black & yellow.

(-14.5) New England Patriots @ Jacksonville Jaguars

I’d pick the 2-12 Jacksonville Jaguars to cover this gigantic spread if they were playing any other team than the 10-4 New England Patriots. Last week the Patriots were down 31-3 to one of the NFL’s best teams, and were able to claw back versus the NFL’s best defence to tie up the game with a few minutes to go before eventually failing on a last minute drive to close the game. This week, I don’t think the Jacksonville Jaguars stand a chance at beating the spread.

(-6.5) Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs

The 9-5 Indianapolis Colts struck gold, again, in this year’s first round of the NFL Draft when they selected QB Andrew Luck first overall. The 2-12 Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to do the same in next years draft, so I can’t see them putting up much of a fight this weekend. The Colts are fighting to get into the playoffs, and the Chiefs I’d imagine are fighting the days until they can put a nightmare of a season behind them. I’m picking the Colts to cover the spread.

(-3) Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

Tough choice on this one, but I think that the 8-6 Dallas Cowboys are going to beat the 6-8 New Orleans Saints, this Sunday. After opening the season 3-4 through the first 8 weeks of the season, the Cowboys have gone 5-2 since, and are tied for the NFC East lead with rivals Washington & New York. If you follow the NFL, then you’ve been in tune to all that has been the 6-8 New Orleans Saints this season. Obviously, Saints QB Drew Brees is a monster on the field, but the Saints defence has been atrocious. I’m glad the spread is only 3pts, because it is quite tough to back Cowboys QB Tony Romo, but I’m picking the Dallas Cowboys to cover the spread against… Drew Brees.

(-5.5) Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles

The 8-6 Washington Redskins are fighting to make the playoffs, and I think they will continue that march on Sunday against the 4-10 Philadelphia Eagles. I’m picking the Redskins to cover the spread.

St. Louis Rams v. (-3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is another tough game to call because I think both teams have great things happening. I have picked the 6-8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers a few times since I started writing this blog in week 10, but this week I’m going to have to pick the 6-7-1 St. Louis Rams to cover the spread against them this Sunday. The Buc’s have a decent offence, and a great run-defence, however they have the NFL’s worst pass-defence. I see this as a bad matchup because I believe Rams QB, Sam Bradford, is going to blossom in the next few years, under the guidance of Head Coach Jeff Fisher. Pick the Rams against the spread.

San Diego Chargers @ (-2.5) New York Jets

I’m picking the 5-9 San Diego Chargers to beat the 6-8 New York Jets, this Sunday. After watching week 15’s Monday Night Football game between the Titans & Jets last week, I can only hope for the same performance from Jets QB Mark Sanchez. I would love to see how the home crowd reacts to such a horrible show. I need Chargers TE, Antonio Gates, to have a monster day!!

Tennessee Titans @ (-12.5) Green Bay Packers

No, I do not think that the 5-9 Tennessee Titans will beat the 10-4 Green Bay Packers this Sunday, but I do believe -12.5 is too big of a spread to give them. They are banged up, and even though they are fighting for home field advantage, I just don’t see them having their foot pressed down on the gas pedal for the entire game. They clinched the NFC North title, and a playoff spot last week in a big game against the Chicago Bears on the road, so now it’s time to win and stay healthy. I’m picking the Tennessee Titans to beat the spread.

Minnesota Vikings @ (-7.5) Houston Texans

The 8-6 Minnesota Vikings sport the NFL’s 20th ranked defence, the 32nd ranked passing offence & the 24th ranked offence over all, but they have the best running back that’s played the game since Bears RB Walter Payton. Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is an incredible athlete. To come back and have the season he’s having after tearing his ACL in a game last season, it’s awesome to see. This week they travel down to Texas to face the AFC leading 12-2 Houston Texans. I don’t see Houston losing to the Vikings this Sunday, but I do see them being within (7.5) pts. I’m picking the Minnesota Vikings to beat the spread.

(-13) Denver Broncos v. Cleveland Browns

Peyton Manning.

(-5.5) Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals

At this point it’s hard to pick either team to win this game, but if the 8-6 Chicago Bears win the last two games of the season then there is a good chance that they can still make the playoffs. The 5-9 Arizona Cardinals have a good defence, some games, and that’s pretty much all that can be said about them. I’m picking the Chicago Bears in this huge must win game. Bear Down!

(-2.5) New York Giants @ Baltimore Ravens

I have to go with the reigning Champions in this game. Both teams have been having a rough couple of weeks, but both teams are still formidable forces in their respective conferences. The reason why I’m picking the 8-6 New York Giants to cover the spread against the (9-5) Baltimore Ravens is much like the same reason I picked the Denver Broncos to beat the Cleveland Browns, Eli Manning.

Seattle Seahawks v. (-1) San Francisco 49ers

Bet Seattle at home!

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