Jimmy the Geek: Looking for a better Week 15; we’ll start by taking Washington to cover the spread against Cleveland

After the brutal Week 14, I’m 38-33! Hopefully this time around will be better.

Philadelphia Eagles v. (-4) Cincinnati Bengals

Last week, Mike Vick’s replacement in Philadelphia, QB Nick Foles, was able to throw up 381 yards and two touchdowns against the NFL’s worst passing defence. He also lead the team in rushing, with only 27 yards and a TD. This week the (4-9) Philadelphia Eagles are playing host to the (7-6) Cincinnati Bengals, who are fresh off a fourth-quarter loss to the Dallas Cowboys, in Cincinnati 20-19. The way I see this game is with the Ravens and Steelers losing last week, Cincinnati still has a shot to win the division where Philadelphia is playing for their coach and pride. I’m taking the Eagles to beat the spread, because I think this will be won by the Bengals within a FG.

(-2.5) Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

The (8-5) Chicago Bears are entering this game after two crushing defeats and a handful of key injuries. The (9-4) Green Bay Packers are coming into this game after two big divisional victories. If the Packers win this game they can lock up the NFC North Division title, and I think that will happen this Sunday. The Bears are too banged up, and with all the players that could come back from injuries to play this game for the Packers, well you can’t build a new offensive line in the middle of the season. I’m taking the Packers to win and cover the spread. I hope I lose this one!

Indianapolis Colts @ (-8.5) Houston Texans

I’m picking the (9-4) Indianapolis Colts to beat the spread in this game. However I can’t see them pulling off the victory against a (11-2) Houston Texans team that was embarrassed by the Patriots in the Monday night primetime game last week. Houston definitely has been sputtering the past few weeks, but they are still a great team, and as good as Colts rookie QB Andrew Luck has been, I think this is the Texans year and they are going to pull off the victory at home this week. I’m picking the Indianapolis Colts to beat the spread in this game.

Baltimore Ravens v. (-2.5) Denver Broncos

The (10-3) Denver Broncos have looked unstoppable since losing to the New England Patriots way back in Week 5. Their opponent, the (9-4) Baltimore Ravens, haven’t looked horrible the past few games, but they certainly haven’t looked like the Ravens of the past few years, and have bitterly lost two consecutive games leading up to this match. Early this week the brass in Baltimore kicked offensive coordinator Cam Cameron out the door, replacing him with QB coach Jim Caldwell. Last year Caldwell was the head coach of the (2-14) Indianapolis Colts, and although he only managed one more victory in his attempt at the role then Cam Cameron (the 2007, 1-15 Miami Dolphins!), the entire pre-2012 Indianapolis Colts team was based around one guy, and when QB Peyton Manning went down last year it was the gigantic organizational screw-up equivalent to Mr. Plaxico Burress going out to a club after a game and shooting himself in the leg. If you’re watching this game then get ready for some flashbacks to yesteryear. I’m taking the Baltimore Ravens defence in this game to beat the spread.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ (-7) Miami Dolphins

(2-11) Jacksonville Jaguars QB Chad Henne’s return to Miami! I can’t think of any rational way to pick the Jaguars to win this game, and I definitely would try if I could. I just think (-7) is too many points to give the (5-8) Miami Dolphins. II have to pick the Jaguars to beat the spread on this one.

Washington Redskins @ (-1) Cleveland Browns

Vegas must have been reading the same article as myself yesterday about Redskins WR letting it slip in an interview that QB Robert Griffin III will not be playing. That must be true because there would be no other reason that the (5-8) Cleveland Browns would be favoured over the (7-6) Washington Redskins. I think this game is going to be a battle between two very promising RBs. Redskins RB Alfred Morris has been the fantasy sleeper pick of the year, amassing 1,228 rushing yards, and seven touchdowns so far in his rookie season. His counterpart, Browns RB Trent Richardson, the top RB taken in the 2012 NFL draft, has carried the Browns with 869 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns. If this is still the spread when Sunday comes, I’m taking the Washington Redskins to beat it.

Minnesota Vikings @ (-3) St. Louis Rams

I’m picking the Vikings to beat the spread. Reason: RB Adrian Peterson.

(-3) New Orleans Saints v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I enjoy watching the (6-7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. In recent weeks Buc’s QB, Josh Freeman, has been playing very well. In-between passes to veteran WR Vincent Jackson, and veteran TE Dallas Clark, rookie RB Doug Martin has been a force on the ground. The Buc’s have a great run defence, only allowing 78.2 yds/gm, however they sport the NFL’s worst pass defence, allowing on average 311.6 yds/gm. That is going to be a huge problem this weekend when they travel to Louisiana to face the (5-8) New Orleans Saints. This looks like it is going to be a big shootout down south and I can’t see Tampa Bay winning one against Drew Brees like that… yet. Next year. This game I’m taking the Saints to cover the spread.

New York Giants @ (-1.5) Atlanta Falcons

It’s quite difficult to pick against a team like the (11-2) Atlanta Falcons, but their opponent this Sunday are the (8-5) New York Giants, and they are one of those teams who always will show up big time in week 15, usually involved in a tight division title race. Falcons QB, Matt Ryan, is having an awesome year, with a few minor hiccups in recent weeks, but how can you pick against Giants QB Eli Manning, late in December, especially when the Atlanta Falcons are somewhat just trying to stay healthy for the post season? I’m picking the New York Giants to beat the spread.

Carolina Panthers @ (-3) San Diego Chargers

I think that this is going to be a great game on Sunday. As much as I dislike (5-8) San Diego Chargers head coach, Norv Turner, I saw something in him last week that made me think he has finally taken the training wheels off his offence. Last week the (4-9) Carolina Panthers beat down the then (11-1) Atlanta Falcons, and I honestly think that next year that NFC division of Tampa, Carolina, New Orleans & Atlanta is going to be a dogfight. I’m picking the Panthers to beat the Chargers this weekend because I think QB Cam Newton is a great athlete, with better receivers, and a better defence.

(-6) Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals

- Last week the Seahawks beat Arizona (58-0). Lions beat the Seahawks (28-24) in week 4.

- Arizona hasn’t won since week 4.

That’s all I need. I’m picking the Detroit Lions to cover the spread.

(-3) Oakland Raiders v. Kansas City Chiefs

Neither of these teams are having a good season this year, most notably the tragic events that surrounded the (2-11) Kansas City Chiefs in recent weeks. Things got a little tougher last week for the Chiefs when WR Dwayne Bowe was knocked out of the final three games with a couple broken ribs. I think that the (3-10) Oakland Raiders will cover the spread in this game that means absolutely nothing towards the playoff picture.

Dallas Cowboys v. (-2) Pittsburgh Steelers

Last week the (7-6) Dallas Cowboys scored (10) points in the fourth quarter to come from behind and beat the Cincinnati Bengals on the road, 20-10, while the (7-6) Pittsburgh Steelers were embarrassed at home by the San Diego Chargers, 34-24. It’s Week 15, so both teams are battered by injuries, but one notable person injured is Cowboys highly talented WR, Dez Bryant, who could miss the remainder of the season due to surgery on a finger. I think that the Dallas Cowboys are picking up their game, and will beat the spread this Sunday afternoon.

San Francisco 49ers @ (-5.5) New England Patriots

I know that the (10-3) New England Patriots are a great team, and they just defeated the AFC’s best, Houston Texans, on Monday Night Football… and even though the (9-3-1) San Francisco 49ERS have had some rough games this year… The 49ers are a damn-good football team, with a couple good WR’s, a great backfield of RB’s, Vernon Davis at TE, and a defence that makes every fan of any team in the NFL jealous (except Da Bears fans!), and now with QB Colin Kaepernick at the helm they have a QB that can pick apart defences with his powerful arm and long lanky legs. If the Patriots win this, I think it’s by less than (-5.5). I’m taking the San Francisco 49ers to beat the spread.

(-1.5) Tennessee Titans v. New York Jets

How can the NFL justify flexing any games when they aren’t flexing this Monday night Tebowfest with a game that people who don’t live in New York would enjoy watching? Seriously, the story lines that the NFL drive down us viewers throats very much annoy me, even more-so then the commercials! In the future I could be going to a game on Monday Night, or Sunday, and the NFL can switch the day and time which will screw over my plans which most likely would cost me quite a bit of money…. But they aren’t flexing this game? I’m taking the Tennessee Titans to cover.

Good luck in your fantasy semifinals!

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