LETTER Liberal government has recklessly forged ahead with unaffordable FIT

Dear Editor,

As the Progressive Conservative Deputy Critic for Green Energy, I was stunned last week to hear that in these time of economic uncertainty, the Energy Minister and his Liberal government is recklessly forging ahead with more unaffordable feed-in tariff (FIT) contracts, even though Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals put the brakes on the Ontario Legislature.

By proroguing the Legislature while still pushing ahead with policies and project approvals, the Liberal government is abusing their power and are not making themselves accountable to opposition parties, the ratepayers and voters. With the doors locked at Queen’s Park, we as elected members of the Official Opposition have no way to hold the government to account. There is no Question Period, no debates and no committees. Just the minority Liberal government making decisions to move ahead with more unaffordable FIT contracts without community consultation, and without having to put these decisions in front of the opposition.

With this latest move, it is obvious that the minority Liberals are trying to render the opposition powerless with a move unwanted in many communities. This is a stark contrast from my Leader Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservative Party. We remain steadfast that Dalton McGuinty’s “green dream” has not worked; in fact it has caused skyrocketing electricity rates for all Ontario families and driven businesses and manufacturing out of Ontario.

Tim Hudak and the PC’s are committed to an Ontario where a mix of energy resources will be reliable, affordable, feasible and most importantly—welcome in communities. We have committed to the cancellation of the FIT program, a decision we stand firmly behind. We will work together with industry and municipalities to define an energy plan that works for all of Ontario—one that is based on energy demand and affordability.

By shutting down the Legislature, the minority Liberals have blocked our only venue to question their actions and motives. They erased important bills and motions, including my four motions calling for a moratorium on further wind development until proper studies are completed. The Liberals are hiding behind prorogation and using this time to push through policies and projects that are self-serving, irresponsible, and driven by a political agenda—and the PC Party will not stand for it, but we will stand beside the citizens of Ontario advocating for transparency, accountability and responsibility.

Lisa Thompson, MPP

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