Maple Tree Community Housing offers affordable housing alternative in Goderich

Dear Editor:

As a member of our Tenant Relations Committee, it is with the greatest pleasure and no small amount of pride that I am happy to say that Maple Tree Community Housing is preparing to begin operations at 45 Nelson Street East, Goderich. We have been accepting applications for the units available and we are astonished at the amount of people who are looking for a one-bedroom apartment. Luckily half of our apartments are one-bedroom units, so there are a number available to choose from.

What we have found unusual is the lack of applications for the two- and three-bedroom units. We truly wish to see every unit occupied with individuals and families.

We encourage anyone who is considering a move or in need of a two- or three-bedroom to please contact us. It is important to note that these are Affordable Housing units and not low rental units. The intention all along has been to bridge the gap between low income and full market prices for rental units, moving people along the continuum of housing from low or geared to income housing to Affordable Housing when life circumstances allow it. Perhaps you now have a better job, or you have a stable relationship and your partner has a good income to contribute to the home. Or maybe you are new to the area and are looking for a place to live and just can’t stretch to full market and maybe don’t quite qualify for low income.

If you are reading this letter and need Affordable Housing, please contact us. Our building is really quite lovely and although we have retained as much historic presence as possible, the building is quite modern and light inside. A great deal of effort was given to make our building a place you can call your home and feel safe and comfortable there. Rent limits are set at 80 per cent of prevailing amounts in the county as determined by the government.

Maple Tree Housing Community Corporation is a not-for-profit organization, offering an Affordable Housing alternative in the County of Huron in the Town of Goderich.  You can view our Web site at call 519.612.1222 to request an application or for more information about the facility.

Sincerely, on behalf of

Maple Tree Community Housing Corp.

Kimberley Payne


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