Bruce Power awards 100 scholarships in Huron, Grey and Bruce counties

TIVERTON – One-hundred area students have received a $500 boost towards their post-secondary education thanks to Bruce Power’s scholarship program.

It is the second consecutive year the company has awarded $50,000 in scholarships to students from across Bruce, Grey and Huron counties.

The Scholarship Committee, which consists of 10 employees from a variety of Bruce Power departments, reviewed 606 scholarship applications, which were numbered to eliminate name biases, and no confidential information was shared about the applicants. The new online application form was open to all students attending post-secondary courses in the fall, studying in any discipline including trades apprenticeships and graduate studies. The students were asked to answer four main questions, and were ranked based on their answers.

“We thank all that took the time to apply and wish everyone a great academic year,” said Duncan Hawthorne, President and CEO. “Bruce Power is committed to supporting the education of our community members, and Bruce Power hopes the investments we are making in their future will reap rewards for everyone.”

This year’s recipients are Adam Kahgee, Alessandra Robertson, Alex Raynard, Alexa Braun, Allison Howcroft, Alyssa Kirk, Alyssa Walpole, Amanda Brown, Amanda Smith, Amy Richardson, Andrew Loucks, Anna Lehman, Bimadoshka Pucan, Brandy Zettler, Brittany Irwin, Brittany Merchant, Brittney John, Brooke Thompson, Cailin McMeekin, Carley McGlynn, Carol Stares, Carson Baks, Cheryl Kabbes, Claire Ashton, Connor Baer, Courtney Graham, Curtis Roote, Dan Hotchkiss, Danielle Bridge, Deidre Barfoot, Dominique Pilon, Emma Fuller, Emma Harrison, Erin Peister, Glenn Walpole, Grace Scott, Hannah Milley, Hillary Lubimiv, Hilory Von Hatten-Baer, Jeffrey Vincent, Jenna Ruetz, Jesse Chen, Jessica Grubb, Jisoo Yoon, Jonathan Reinink, Jonathon Jackson, Jordan Kelly, Justine Lennox, Kaitlyn McLeod, Kara McKellar, Karyn Little, Katelyn Brown, Katelyn Reid, Kathleen Padfield, Kathleen Walsh, Kathryn Loucks, Katrina Merner, Kelly Garrow, Kirby Cook, Kyla Mayrhofer, Kyle Kraemer, Laura Robinson, Lauren Bouillon, Laurie Hills, Laurissa Christie, Leslie Walker, Lindsay Campbell, Madeleine Popiez, Madison Bonderud, Mark Czuczman, Marsha Reany, Matthew Weishar, Melissa Fabry, Michael Campbell, Mike Park, Natasha Wickert, Nicole Van Doornik, Nikki Zeh, Olivia Fischer, Paige O’Neill, Patricia Meekins, Peter Reid, Rachel Mason, Riley Bell, Riley O’Hagan, Sarah Szabo, Scott Kunkel, Scott Overholt, Selena Hofmann, Shayla Rouse, Shelby Moore, Shelby Symon, Stephanie Seebach, Steven Crone, Taylor Larose, Tiffany Mills, Tom Fischer, Tyler Hardie, Tyson Van Osch and Wade Walker.

A celebratory breakfast for the winners will be held at the Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre on Aug. 15.

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